Liquid Changelog

21 Sep 2022

EnhancementBack to top appearing faster in pf pages

EnhancementRemoved media elements js on inline videos

FixedHub Core plugin isn't working

FixedPortfolio filter counter not working (wpbakery)

FixedLazyload image placeholder size in safari

FixedResponsive animations issue with page blocks

FixedTheme options localscroll offset not working

FixedTabs not working in mobile menu


1 Sep 2022

EnhancementImage Text Slider url attr (elementor)

FixedPHP syntax error

FixedStickybar widgets height issues

FixedScroll indicator styling

FixedHeader Dropdown widget external link bug (elementor)

FixedProcess 15 section template not importing (wpbakery)


18 Aug 2022

NewNew demos

NewAdded Animated Blob Widget

NewAdded Draw Shape Widget

NewAdded Lottie Widget

NewAdded Progress Circle Widget

NewLiquid Text Widget - New rotator styles

NewPage top scroll indicator

NewCustom CSS for all widgets

NewSection/container sticky header border option

NewGoogle maps widget - elementor template support

NewPost modified date option

EnhancementAdded masonry layout option (wpbakery)

EnhancementMarquee Widget (wpbakery)

EnhancementAdded HTML tag option for portfolio and iconbox widgets (wpbakery)

EnhancementImage text slider widget

EnhancementAdded force header template option

EnhancementCustom cursor

EnhancementCustom cursor / removed offcanvas cart backdrop

EnhancementAdded negative localscroll offset

EnhancementFancy heading hover color option

EnhancementCustom menu sticky

EnhancementReduce Liquid Text widget dom

EnhancementJS Assets

EnhancementButton widget dynamic tag

EnhancementAccordion Widget FAQ schema

FixedLiquid Box broken (wpbakery)

FixedCustom cursor - custom icon

FixedProduct single ajax add to cart

FixedAnimated frames gsap warns

FixedqTags error

FixedSingle product dublicated images on mobile

FixedImage comparison not working in carousels

FixedSection scroll js error

FixedWooCommerce single product meta translation issue

FixedBlog Widget - Style15

FixedPortfolio Archive Style05 broken template

FixedMegamenu hover issue

FixedMegamenu react not working

FixedIconbox link in new tab bug

FixedHeader logo custom url

FixedPortfolio list video lightbox issue

FixedWooCommerce List Widget order by popularity not showing

FixedHotspot items position issue


8 June 2022

NewGoogle Rich Snippets Support

NewHeading Tags controls for Accordion, Animated Frame, Blog, Fancy Box, IconBox, Promo, Primary Menu, Custom Menu, Portfolio and Portfolio Single Related widgets (elementor)

NewCPT support (Theme options > Advanced > Cpt support)

EnhancementPerformance Cache Process

EnhancementAnimated Frame widget

FixedBlog widget post for Elementor PRO archive templates

FixedFancy Box broken page issue (wpbakery)

FixedMobile overflow


30 May 2022

NewSearch Widget, search by option (wpbakery)

NewDevice gallery widgets (desktop and mobile)

NewAsymmetric Portfolio demo

EnhancementHub Collection import process

EnhancementSidedrawer widget colors

EnhancementPortfolio Widget Style 05

EnhancementUpdated jQuery ui to 1.13.1

EnhancementBlog style 21

FixedText rotator alignment on mobile

FixedRtl mobile header

FixedCustom cursor text issue

FixedCustom cursor border radius with wpbakery

FixedCustom cursor extra mix-blend mode

FixedWooCommerce single product missing category and tag

FixedHub Collection Team 07 import issue

FixedSocial widget TikTok icon (wpbakery)


13 May 2022

EnhancementIncreased typeweiter default speed

EnhancementSlider Revolution new version

EnhancementCarousel Stack widget updates

FixedStickybar logo alignment

FixedCustom cursor text not visible some times

FixedPageblocks issues

FixedBack to top border-radius issue on safari

FixedHub Collection button disappear

FixedResponsive bg not working with lazyload


9 May 2022

NewPortfolio widget, lightbox group by category option

EnhancementLazyload js

EnhancementCustom cursor

EnhancementTypewriter lazyload

EnhancementLazyload remove "loading" attr

EnhancementBack to top mix blend mode

FixedFreakin image not showing

FixedHub Collection import issue for Elementor 3.7


6 May 2022

NewLazy Load exclude images option

NewElementor Container (beta) support

NewBack to top scroll indicator

NewBlog Style22 Alt template

NewCustom cursor blend mode

New4 new demos (Asymmetric Eight, Yoga, Magazine Viral, Fashion Blog)

NewSearch Widget, custom search type, and all search type options (elementor)

NewSchedule Table widget (elementor)

NewPortfolio Widget, carousel nav color options (elementor)

NewTab Widget, Custom tab ID option (elementor)

NewLiquid Text Widget, new highlight styles (elementor)

NewBlog Widget, hide excerpt option (elementor)

NewSection sticky anchor and sticky offset options (elementor)

EnhancementElementor 3.7 support

EnhancementbbPress styling

EnhancementImage gallery layout in custom product pages

EnhancementHub Performance cache process

EnhancementOffcanvas cart max-width

EnhancementBlog Widget, masonry and custom padding option (elementor)

FixedHubCollection Icon 44 template import issue

FixedBlog page crush

FixedInview not working with custom layouts

FixedRemove focus from modal trigger after closing

FixedDynamic color header not working over the footer

FixedRelated post-column bug

FixedYoast Seo plugin optimization conflict

FixedSticky header not working on mobile when page stacks enabled

Fixedqform plugin, select not working

FixedChild theme wrong version bug

FixedHotspot widget content position on mobile

FixedVideo bg stretch issue


19 April 2022

FixedImage comparison not working in tabs

Fixeddisable preloader markup in the elementor editor

FixedHub optimization blog archive page (wpbakery)

FixedLazyLoad 404 errors

Fixedelementor gallery in tabs bug.

Fixedform inputs conflict

Fixedtag archive description is not visible

FixedGoogle Maps API js load issue

Fixednon-elementor page loading glitches

FixedIconbox widget button target (elementor)

Fixedgallery cells height issue

FixedTabs widget color issue (elementor)

FixedImage widget border-radius option (elementor)

FixedBlog filter issue (wpbakery)

FixedImage widget crop issue (wpbakery)

NewShadow Elementor demo

NewDark Portfolio Elementor demo

NewLoad jQuery in Footer option (Performance > JS)

NewImage widget css filter option (elementor)

NewSlideshow widget cells padding (elementor)

NewBlog widget layout option (elementor)

Newcarousel widget cells overflow option


28 March 2022

Fixedheader show on sticky option

Fixedback to top scroll indicator

Fixedadaptive color issues

Fixedmobile nav issues


24 March 2022

FixedElementor v3.6.0 broken header layouts

FixedJS errors in Gutenberg editor

FixedHeader cart issues

FixedCustom cursor position

FixedPortfolio carousel filter

FixedProgressbar widget style issue

FixedTypewriter widget assets

Fixed404 page layout alignment

FixedArchive pages filter issue

FixedMobile logo max-width issue

NewOverlay Link Widget link type option (elementor)

NewImage + Text Widget item margin option (elementor)


18 March 2022

FixedSite crashing (elementor)

FixedTeam member widget link not working (elementor)

FixedHeader bg color issue (elementor)

FixedPortfolio Style 4 animation issue (elementor)

FixedSite gradient colors issue (elementor)

FixedTab widget Style 8 alignment issue (elementor)

FixedBlog list 13 style issue (elementor)

FixedWoocommerce breadcrumb option not working

FixedHeader adaptive color issue

FixedButton Widget padding issue (elementor)

FixedLiquid Box Widget content position (elementor)

FixedLiquid Woo Product List Widget broken issue (elementor)

FixedHeader Language Switcher Widget flags disappear issue (wpbakery)

FixedPassword protected page broken layout

NewAsymmetric Slider Widget HTML Tag option (elementor)

NewArchive pages title wrapper bg options

NewRelated post-global style to the Blog Page options.

NewGDPR style options


9 March 2022

NewProgressbar widget (elementor)

Enhancementimproved Plugins Update

Fixedcontact form select style issue (wpbakery)

Fixedvertical slider widget images not loading issue (elementor)

Fixed 3d banner widget button issue (elementor)

Fixed Blog widget broken layout (elementor)


3 March 2022

Newperformance beta

Newfloating box author global option (theme options > blog > blog single post)

Newliquid google maps widget content box option (elementor)

Newperformance beta

Newblog post date option (theme options > blog)


30 December 2021

Fixedcounter widget issue

Fixedicon box circle widget visibility issue


18 December 2021

Newproduct single style global option (theme Options > woocommerce > product single style)

Fixedsingle page crash

Fixedtheme options saving on specific php versions

Fixedglobal titlewrapper background overriding issue

Fixedwoocommerce global product layout option

Fixedcolumn video backgorund broken (for wpbakery)

Fixedmegamenu background color issue

Fixedsafari browser image loading issue

Fixedelementor editor not being opened (for elementor pro)

Fixedheader elements loading issue (for wpbakery)

3 December 2021

Newprevention to keep both page builders active

Fixedjs fix for adaptive background on safari


19 November 2021

Newprebuilt website: starthub one

Newprebuilt website: starthub two

Newprebuilt website: starthub three

Newprebuilt website: masonry shop

Newmenu hover style

Newdisable animation option for mobile

Newtestiminonial widget style

Newsticky row

Newelementor section templates

Enhancementoff canvas cart

Enhancementsection scroller improvements

Enhancementadaptive background

Enhancementcustom animations

Enhancementbutton icon sticky colors

Enhancementcarousel stack

Enhancementcolor option for underline alt style

Enhancementtestimonials widget functions

Enhancementmilestone styling

Enhancementtabs navigation on mobile

Enhancementnewsletter button position

Enhancementlatest post style 7

Enhancementgdpr mobile styling

Fixedfatal error

Fixedcart spinner after item

Fixedwoo remove item issue

Fixedempty header issue

Fixedtitlebar background is not visible on mobile when parallax enabled

Fixedliquid social share widget issue

Fixedheader-dropdown fatal error

Fixedfixed megamenu sizing issue in wpbakery version

Fixedmarquee loop issue

Fixedwoo filter

Fixedtab style 10 issue on mobile

Fixedtext rotator jumping on mobile


13 October 2021

Newprebuilt website: blog minimal

Newprebuilt website: events portal

Newcustom mobile menu builder

Newanimated frames for elementor

Newsmart sticky

Newtrigger style

Newelementor section templates

Newelementor roadmap widget

EnhancementGDPR box into theme options

Enhancementadaptive background improvements

Enhancementblog style 22 content alignment

Enhancementwoocommerce breadcrumb

Enhancementsetup wizard

Enhancementsrcset improvements

Fixedlinked iconbox

Fixedmodal closing issue when clicking on form elements

Fixedhotspot svg image not showing

Fixedliquid radial issue with gradient picker


24 September 2021

Newclassic magazine prebuilt website

Newspa/welness/resort prebuilt website

Newhand-made prebuilt website

Newrestaurant prebuilt website

Newdark scheme colors

Newanimated frames autoplay

Newoverlay link widget

Newdark typography

Newfancybox custom height

Newcountdown handler

Newupgrade notice

Enhancementadaptive background



Enhancementheader dynamic colors

Enhancementrow custom cursor

Enhancementmegamenu functionality

Enhancementphp 8 improvements

Enhancementwidgets styling

Enhancementparallax functionality

Enhancementcustom cursor in editor

Enhancementcustom animations

Enhancementtabs styling

Enhancementdynamic shape on mobile

Enhancementlatest post styles

Enhancementiconbox circle color

Enhancementoutline to testimonial style two border

Enhancementcover submenu position

Enhancementmobile header warning

Enhancementtestimonials responsiveness

Fixedblog post sticky parts positioning

Fixedwoo category missed container

Fixedsearch dropdown positioning

Fixedmobile search and cart position

Fixedelementor global options titlebar issue

Fixedwpbakery js error

Fixedbutton text hover not working with column custom animations enabled

Fixedheader dynamic colors issue

Fixedtabs responsiveness issue

Fixedcart button color

Fixedfancy image reveal effect

Fixedportfolio layout in tabs

Fixedphp fatal error

Fixedfancy heading spacing

Fixedheader cart svg issue

Fixedmobile logo center alignment issue

Fixedoverlapping vertical bars issue

Fixedslide elements hover issue

Fixederror when removing slideshow element

Fixedglobal product layout option

Fixedwoo empty category crash

Fixednewsletter border for plain button

Fixedsidebar style

Fixedgoogle map marker styles issue

Fixedduplicated header

Fixedportfolio body class

Fixedcustom cursor issue on multiple sections

Fixedanimated frames video playback

Fixedsearch dropdown positioning

Fixedcustom animations easing


18 August 2021

Newhub elementor

Newsetup wizard

Newkeyboard scrolling to page stacks

Newpage blocks scrollable sections

Newlanguage flag option

Newasymetric slider color options

Enhancementimproved search functionality

Enhancementcontact form

Enhancementtypewriter functionality

Enhancementfancy image element

Enhancementadaptive background

Enhancementpage blocks working with main nav localscroll

Enhancementcarousel on mobile

Enhancementpage blocks functionality

Enhancementmobile logo centered by default with modules

Enhancementproduct hover image spacing

Enhancementportfolio cover image size

Enhancementadapttive background work with section data-luminosity

Enhancementbutton element

Enhancementpricing table

Enhancementphp 8 improvements

Enhancementelementor stacks nav style

Enhancementmarquee element

Enhancementaccordion expander alignment

Enhancementwoo template update

Fixedtablet viewport

Fixedredux global override

Fixedlocalscroll conflict with elementor

Fixedsyntax error

Fixedproblem with woocommerce filter

Fixedhorizontal scroll issue on safari with banana banner

Fixedportfolio taxonomy archive issue

Fixedsearch page header and footer issue

Fixedfancy image image stretch issue on safari

Fixedajax add to cart issue

Fixedtaxonomy theme settings issue on elementor

Fixedteam member slide issue

Fixedmeta attribute

Fixedportfolio and blog filter issue on mobile

Fixedsticky header issue on mobile

Fixedgoogle maps issue

Fixedissue with js error for gravity forms

Fixedplaceholder height and width

Fixedcustom menu target issue


03 June 2021

Enhancementfrontend editor functionality

Enhancementcustom cursor color

Enhancementimproving localscroll


29 May 2021

Newmultipurpose business demo

Newlaw demo

Newkids demo

Newinsurance demo

Newperformance menu

Newblog style

Newfancybox style

Newadded fancy image border

Enhancementimproved parallax background

Enhancementimproved local scroll

Enhancementrow background on frontend editor

Enhancementfancybox style one improvements

Enhancementfancybox slide on hover

Enhancementtitlebar alignment

Enhancementteam member element improvements

Enhancementblog element improvements

Enhancementcustom cursor

Enhancementspacing improvements

Fixednewsletter mailchimp integration issue

Fixedoverlay visibility while background loading

Fixedmissing icon on blog

Fixedsticky menu z index

Fixedfix display name

Fixedsocial icon css override

Fixedcolumns drag issue

Fixedcolor picker type

Fixedsave template issue

Fixedcolumn size issue on mobile frontend editor

Fixedextra spacing issue in frontend editor

Fixedspacing issue in view mode

Fixedinner column width issue in frontend editor mobile


18 May 2021

Newoptimization tab on theme options

Enhancementimproved demo import

Fixedsave template issue


17 May 2021

Neworiginal hub demo

Enhancementimproved local scroll

Enhancementimport sort change

Enhancementportfolio shortcode optimization

Enhancementcustom menu shortcodes optimization

Fixediconbox slide on hover issue

Fixedsitcky header issue


16 May 2021

Enhancementcustom menu expander

Enhancementinner row full height aligment

Enhancementmega menu slide


15 May 2021

Newsearch type for woocommerce

Enhancementimproved demo import

Enhancementmega menu width

Enhancementcarousel element improvement

Fixedmega menu arrow issue

Fixedarchive page spacing


14 May 2021

New Release